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Friday, 29 November 2013

The Ways In Which Water Assists In Losing Weight (weight loss)

With development in medical science, solutions to almost all the problems have been made available and those that have not been found yet, they are under research. In short, medical science is progressing leaps and bounds and is solving numerous health problems across the globe.

The Ways In Which Water Assists In Losing Weight

Despite the undeniable truth that medical science in the form of vitaminsand protein shakes, complicated medical therapies and procedures, hormone replacements and so on, have made our lives easier, however, it is also a fact that there are something natural and which cant be replaced.
One of such things that cannot be replaced is water. It is the greatest blessing of Mother Nature and besides being an integral part of our life; it is of grave importance pertaining to health and fitness. Besides the numerous health benefits, it plays a great role in weight loss. The lines below discuss the different ways in which water assists in weight loss.

Curbed Appetite:

One of the biggest advantages of water pertaining to weight loss is its ability to curb appetite. Drinking water has been proven to be beneficial pertaining to reducing the calorie intake. According to  a research, people who drank water before the meal consumed about 90 calories less compared to people who straight away started eating meal without drinking water before it, therefore, drinking water before meals can help reduce appetite, which eventually reduces the calorie intake helping in achieving the weight loss goal.

Increased Workout Potential:

It is an evident fact that you need to workout to achieve your weight loss goal. Therefore, it is imperative that you have good and long workout sessions to help you burn more fats. In this regard, water can play a crucial role and increase your workout potential. Water primarily serves as a lubricant for joints to help them smoothly perform the workout maneuvers, besides that it also serves as a nutrient transporter as well. Therefore, the food converted into energy is transported to the muscles with the help of water, hence, when water is present in sufficient amount in the body, it helps the produced nutrients supply to the muscles, thus increasing the potential of muscles to undergo longer workouts with maximum energy and zest.

Prevents Overeating:

The other subtle advantage of water pertaining to weight loss is that it helps prevent overeating. When the body is dehydrated, it gives signals of stress to the body in response to which the mind increases the signals of all the activities that the body needs to do to cope with stress and eating is one of them. Thus, dehydration actually results in excessive and overeating. To prevent that, keeping the body hydrated can help a great deal, thus reducing the overall calorie intake leading to greater weight loss.

Prevents Constipation:

Another major factor that affects weight loss pace is constipation, when you are constipated it means that your metabolism is not working properly, thus less fat burn is taking place. Hence, to deal with this problem, water serves as a great assistant, as water helps cleanse the stomach and detoxify it which boosts the metabolic rate and increases the body’s ability to burn fats. Therefore, drinking water helps in keeping constipation at bay and metabolism at its optimal.


In a nutshell, water is one of the greatest blessings of Mother Nature and is integral to human life. People looking to lose weight must try to understand the different ways in which water affects the body to ensure greater and effective weight loss.

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