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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Major Hindrances To Avoid For Ensuring Weight Loss

Major HindrancesTo Avoid For Ensuring Weight Loss
Without any doubt, weight loss is one of the biggest health objective pursued by people across the globe. Millions of people every year resolve to go to gym, change their diet plan to lose weight, however, very few become successful and there is a great majority that find themselves at the same place where they were before they resolved to lose weight.
Major Hindrances To Avoid For Ensuring Weight Loss

There are do’s and don’ts of losing weight. The reason why people aren’t able to achieve success in this health objective of theirs is that they do the things that don’t need to be done or in other words they incorporate the hindrances in their daily routine that does not let them go near their desired destination of weight loss. The lines below give the major hindrances to avoid ensuring weight loss.


The first hindrance that needs to be avoided to ensure progression in weight loss is starvation. When you starve your body by staying hungry, it puts the metabolism on sleep mode. Thus the without metabolism working, there is limited or no calorie burn. Hence, in order to ensure that the body keeps on burning calories you need to keep on feeding the metabolism, this way the calories will keep on burning.

Performing The Same Workout:

Another factor that stops progression in weight loss is performing the same workout every time you hit gym. our body responses to diversity, thus when you perform the same workout everyday, the body stops responding to the activity and the rate of weight loss goes down gradually. Therefore, in order to ensure that the fats keep on burning, you need to bring diversity in your workout, which will cause maximum fat burn every time you hit gym.

Avoiding Weights:

Another factor found common in people who aren’t able to lose weight is that they all avoid lifting weights. Although it is an activity targeted towards muscle building, however, it is a physical activity nevertheless, so it is bound to cause calorie burn. Moreover, it has been proven in numerous researches that weight training is one of the effective ways of losing fat, as the body makes place for muscles by burning fats. Therefore, incorporate weight training into your workout plan to ensure greater weight loss.

Calories Over Nutrition:

Another contributor to failure in weight loss plan is the approach of people that emphasizes on reducing the calorie count without considering the nutritional value of the foods. People under this approach go for foods that are low in calorie count without realizing the fact that such foods can low in nutrition, which ultimately means that the immune system becomes weak and the body starts experiencing problems of different kind, and eventually there comes a time when you quit pursuing weight loss. Therefore, it is imperative that the nutrition brought by healthy mealsand supplements must be given preference over the calorie count.


Stress is one of the major subtle culprits that do not let you stay on your course of weight loss; rather it causes you to eat more. When you are stressed out, the production of cortisol increases in the body, this hormone increases the appetite as a result to satisfy it you eat more without thinking. Therefore, try eliminating stress from your life by either meditation, yoga or whatever works for you to ensure nothing comes between you and weight loss.


In a nutshell, it is imperative that you know about the factors that covertly hinder in your way to weight loss. By eliminating these obstacles and adapting the best habits, you can definitely increase the chances of achieving success in weight loss.

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